If you’re looking to try an alternative to traditional cigarettes, you should try V2 Cigs, which has deservedly become the most popular electronic cigarette brand in the country for this year due to its quality, flavor, and versatility.

As the most popular brand of electronic cigarettes in the country, V2 Cigs has also become the market’s top distributor of E-cigarettes. They have earned this achievement through building a reputation for excellent customer service, top notch product quality,the largest selection in the market, and the best prices on starter kits for those trying to switch from conventional cigarettes to E-Cigarettes. The reviews of V2 Cigs reflect this popularity, service, and quality of product that V2 Cigs offers, and is a great value to consumers in trying to determine which of V2 Cigs products would work best for their needs and desires in switching to electronic cigarettes.

Ordering online from V2 Cigs is cost-effective, easy, transparent, and hassle free, with discounts in the form of 10 to 15 percent coupons given out each time you order, making this product an even better deal. This discount is applied without restriction, unlike discounts at some companies that don’t apply to large items or certain lines. The discount additionally applies on top of the discount for clearance and sale items, ensuring that you get the lowest price, and can be used across the entire line of VMR brands–not just for V2 Cigs alone. This includes batteries for V2 Cigs, as well as refillable ‘cartomizers’ and LiquiMax ‘Clearomizers’, adding better and more fun flavors to customize your V2 Cigs. Another consumer friendly policy implemented by V2 Cigs is free shipping on any order within the United States.

The customer-friendly policies discussed above make V2 Cigs an even better deal than other e-cigarettes, and mean that you will have significant savings on the costs of your cigarette habit without even leaving the couch, your desk, or wherever else you would like to order from. The reality is that V2 Cigs are the best, most affordable option out there for safer, hassle free smoking.

V2 Cigs makes it easy for you to switch to e-cigarettes by offering an Exclusive V2 Cigs coupon code granting 15% off of ANY V2 Electronic Cigarette starter kits.

This makes it even more attractive to make this positive life change for your health, or to buy a family member or friend a great, long-lasting gift that will be appreciated for years. These starter kits are available at a variety of price points and are suited to fit different budgets and different preferences and needs to make switching to e-Cigarettes possible for everyone. The 15% discount is always available for starter packs, no matter how many you buy and how many times you purchase them. Many other companies offer one time only coupons, and V2 Cigs really stands out in always providing this discount and quality prices.

After the automatically offered coupon savings, you can get a V2 Cigs Express Kit for only $20. The V2 Cigs Express Kit provides a reusable electronic cigarette, a charger, and a battery, and is a great starter kit that can be expanded upon with a variety of accessories as your budget grows. Many of the e-cigarettes at this price level are disposable and can’t be reused, making starting using e-cigarettes expensive and unattractive.

If you’re looking for something different or a little more upscale, V2 Cigs has created a state of the art PCC that is the highest functioning and sleekest design available. Its state of the art design allows for 808D XL batteries–the first of its kind to do so. This model lets you have 2 batteries, so you can charge one and use the other, or to have a backup and always have charge on your e-cigarette.

Many people who are trying to transition from conventional cigarettes to e-cigarettes are worried that they won’t be satisfied with e-cigarettes, and that they will be tempted to keep smoking. Others worry that they will run out of batteries and their only way to get nicotine will be from conventional cigarettes. V2 Cigs products avoid this problem because they are extremely convenient, meaning that you will rarely end out of power. If you are concerned about running out of power, you can purchase the V2 PowerCIG, which plugs in via usb cord to a car, house, or computer. You will truly have a mobile solution to running out of batteries with the V2 PowerCIG.

If you want the most complete, high-end e-cigarette kit with all of the bells and whistles on the market, then the V2 Cigs Ultimate Kit is for you. It has every convenience that V2 Cigs makes, and makes it easy and fun to switch to electronic cigarettes.

Because you are buying in bulk, you will get the biggest discount when you purchase this package. The Ultimate Kit includes three batteries (of the customer’s choice), a V2 PowerCig, a portable charging case, and twenty five refill carts from V2. This kit will allow you to smoke electronically for weeks without even having to go online and purchase more refills. You could, in theory, expand this to almost half a year by also purchasing E-Liquid, which can refill the carts for up to five additional times. This is truly an advantage over conventional cigarettes, where you might need to purchase more multiple times per week at your inconvenience. It once was inconceivable that someone would easily, at low cost, be able to buy different flavors of cigarettes that would last them for half a year. With V2 Cigs products, you can do that and still live affordably.

V2 products suit a wide range and variety of smokers.

They are satisfying for the aspiring e-cigarette user who is just quitting, and are satisfying to those who have been using e-cigs more long term. People don’t just smoke for nicotine–they smoke for relaxation, fun, and a satisfied feeling. Many other brands lack the appeal of conventional cigarettes, but reviews show that V2 Cigs deliver everything a smoker could want. V2 Cigs really make you feel like you’re smoking, with great flavor and all the relaxation of a rolled cigarette. This has gained V2 Cigs a dedicated following, loyal customers, and great brand recognition.

V2 Cigs knows that what smokers ultimately want is an enjoyable smoking experience above all else.

While V2 Cigs recognizes that technology is a critical part of making e-cigs easier to use, more convenient, and more enjoyable, V2 Cigs never loses sight of its goal of making smoking its products pleasureable. They have focused on making a functional and enjoyable product first and making fun technological additions second. In contrast, a major competitor, Blu Cigs, has integrated social networking into a charging case but has a short battery life and inferior smoking experience when compared to V2 Cigs.

V2 Cigs has stuck with designs that have proven their worth in performance.

V2 Cigs are two piece electronic cigarettes, which pair a heating element with a liquid cartridge. This functionality is provided by many brands because it offers convenience, but V2 Cigs’ approach is superior. They make sure their products have adequate power and design to provide sufficient amounts of excellent quality vapor you actually will enjoy smoking. The V2 Cig line is physically larger than some competitors in order to satisfy performance–in battery life and in quality vapor delivery.

Another benefit to V2 Cigs is that there are other e-cig options that they are compatible with. For example, Vantage Vapor prides itself on its bargain-priced options and is entirely compatible with V2 Cigs. Vantage has much of the same great performance and taste of V2 Cigs, but to keep costs as low as possible, has limited their line of products to only four flavors, and a low level of ability to customize your smoking experience and accessories (for example, batteries).